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  • MANUMETAL Ltd has a rich heritage dating back to its founding in 1967 by a group of Belgians who invested in Rwanda as well as in a similar venture in Democratic Republic of Congo. The company began with the manufacturing of metallic products.

    In 1980 s, with the prompting of the Belgian technical institution, company started to importing wooden raw materials from Europe and investing in machinery to cater to a high-end market for products made in wood. In this period, it expanded production capacity with the machinery for wood and metal workshop in production.

    In 1994, after genocide against TUTSI, the company had also destroyed and closed. Therefore Mr. Robert BAYIGAMBA reestablished the company functionality with few other employees who had survived during tragedy in our country as CEO of company. The company started to severe its dependency by furnishing in metallic and wooden.

    In 2009, it has been a year of concerted effort targeting key initiatives, all of which may prove critical for the anticipated growth pursued in the years to come. The primary emphasis has been placed on securing the best possible management to lead the various initiatives in the development of each department. Each department has undergone significant changes to work better together toward a common company vision of high quality production.

    Today, It is well established manufacturer company owned by RWANDAN in the country with the opportunity to produce metallic, wooden and aluminum furniture products as its core business.

    In conclusion, MANUMETAL is at present is far from the full potential which the company hopes to realize in coming years for leading furniture manufacturing in our country and region market. With experience and history in which the company has developed over the years, it recently concludes necessary to clarify its vision for the future in light of new challenges and competitive forces.

  • 3 main services

    1. Furniture fabrication
    2. Office furniture supplies
    3. Classroom chairs fabrication

    3 main products

    1. Hospital bed
    2. Generator - Electrical line
    3. 300 Liter Solar Water Heater

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