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  • ISPA connects customers in Rwanda to the rest of the world and provides them with solutions through our IP networks. ISPA The Freedom to High Speed Connection Vision ISPA Ltd has positioned itself to be a leading provider of internet solutions/applications in Rwanda in the next one year.

    We are a new company registered in 2005 which has brought in highly flexible and cost-effective solutions to help Internet users and corporate networks save costs, improve services and become more competitive in the market. As experienced players of internet solutions in Rwanda, ISPA foresees the high prospects in broadening its service scope by introducing high end, cost-effective IP platform network solutions.

    Our Vision is to establish high quality service by providing service & support with state of-the art ISPA s NOC and Engineering services 24/7 and 365 days a year. ISPA s high-end CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system will enable enhanced Trouble ticketing follow-up and top quality customer support. Other Service Benefits Rant ability-always online cost effective services Extensibility-wide coverage that allows roaming while connected Simplicity-rapid and easy system deployment Scalability-simple and fast bandwidth expansion Continuity-service is monitored and supported 24/7 by ISPA s reputable NOC Technology Benefits one stop shop solution- single platform solution for current and future connectivity needs

    Manageability-dedicate bandwidth ensures QoS Flexibility-ability to support wide range of applications ISPA s Team is Committed to Service. We at ISPA are both providers and users of internet services, and the combination gives us that precious advantage. Our seasoned dedicated teams of professionals include experts in telecommunication, IP networking and routing, and ISP professionals allowing us to deliver quality service that suits the design of your network. These teams are available for our customers 24 hours a day, through our NOC that provides continuous support.

    We are accessible to our customers in their respective premises through our dedicated agents who are sales and technical teams on the ground. Our Corporate Structure is Strong. The shareholders have a combination of dedication and experience from other Telcos they have worked with. As Rwanda is becoming a regional hub, ISPA should take the lead by providing Rwandese and Regional consumers with product and services to meet all their Internet and entertainment needs.

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    Boulevard de l Aeroport, Near Kisimenti

    Gasabo » Kigali city
    • Tel: (+250) 788 305 426 / 788 303 181
    • Website: www.ispa.rw
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