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  • TRUCONNECT ltd is a Rwandan registered private company that was established in 2014 with the aim of providing best quality of internet service by retailing 4G LTE services in Rwanda and in East Africa region. Currently, TRUCONNECT ltd plans to start offering telecommunication service in Rwanda in October 2014 by establishing a partnership with Olleh Rwanda Networks the only licensed 4G LTE service wholesaler in Rwanda.

    TRUCONNECT ltd company was put in place in 2014 to provide various Internet services to Rwandan citizens, Non-government organizations, government institutions and private companies which wish to get faster internet services. TRUCONNECT ltd has a vision to export its services in other countries of East Africa community after successfully implemented its operations in Rwanda. So far, LTE network is implemented in Kigali city and ORN is planning to start its wholesale in the last quarter of this year.

    TRUCONNECT ltd s objectives is to be one of the best Internet service provider in the country by giving very good support and providing fast and reliable Internet connection using the latest high quality equipment that complies with the 3GPP standard.

  • 3 main services

    1. Internet service
    2. Telecommunication services
    3. Network installation

    3 main products

    1. 4G LTE
    2. Franklin mobile router
    3. Alcatel mobile router

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    Kigali City, DownTown Terminal Building Floor F3 Office F3-30

    Gasabo » Kigali city
    • Tel: (+250) 788 583 338 / 788 401 091
    • Website: www.truconnect.rw
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