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  • Urwibutso Ese is established in the northern region of Rwanda, commonly known in Rwanda as Nyirangarama.

    Urwibutso Ese is founded by Sina Gérard. He works with the local cultivators of his born region in Rwanda, thus Nyirangarama.
    The founder of Urwibutso Ese is one of the most Economic Operator in Rwanda. He won many price in the development of the local economy in Rwanda. Indeed he receives many prices from the President of Rwanda as recognizing what Sina Gérard does in economy of the local people at Nyirangarama.

    Sina Gérard is also seen as example for other people in Rwanda for stimulating the local development in Rwanda.

    Moreover more than 2000 people are active at the Urwibutso Eses. Urwibutso Eses is specializing itself in the agriculture,the main activity of more than 90% of Rwandan population and food processing, livestock.

    They make grow many plants: fruits, flowers, vegetables, banana, ... And some of those products are proceeded in the Urwibutso's factory in juices, wine(banana),jam. With the most popular, Akabanga : Chili pepper sauce The livestock is mainly made of rabbits, ducks, cows, pigs,... The bakery of Urwibutso Eses makes also many sort of breads for its clients. You can also see them online on this site.

  • 3 main services

    1. Agriculture animal husbandry
    2. Resto Bar
    3. Accommodation

    3 main products

    1. Agashya passion juice
    2. Akabanga chilli oil made in olive oil
    3. Akarusho banana wine

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    RN4 Rd Nyirangarama, Kigali - Musanze Rd

    Rurindo » Northern Province

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