• FECOMIRWA was established on 15th December 2009 by four mining cooperatives unions: UCOMIMU, UCOMIGABU, UCOMIRU and RUMICU found all over the country.

    A fifth mining cooperative union MICUKA was created later and joined the Federation.
    Other mining cooperatives are still to fulfill required procedures for them to be affiliated to FECOMIRWA.

    FECOMIRWA was officially registered in January 2010 by RCA (Rwanda Cooperatives Agency).
    FECOMIRWA came as on extension of Ex COPIMAR which used to regroup a few number of mining cooperatives.
    The mining cooperatives unions forming together FECOMIRWA group each one a given number of mining cooperatives in different administrative districts.

  • 3 main services

    1. Mining service

    3 main products

    1. Cassiterite
    2. Coltan
    3. Wolframite

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    The FECOMIRWA is Located in Nyarugenge District, 100M from la galette super market.

    Nyarugenge » Kigali city

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