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  • The Data Collection Company is a new growing company established to provide full-service data collection and data entry.

    Our business is to provide primary research for our clients across different specialism's using face-to-face, telephone or online methods. In this regard, we have developed a data collection android application that is compatible with tablet computers and android smartphones.

    This application facilitates efficient data collection, in addition is using face-to-face, telephone and online methods. Through the innovation of this application, our company's services are inexpensive and time-efficient, while preserving accuracy and quality, as the application facilitates simultaneous data entry and collection. Furthermore, this digital method of using tablet computers and smartphones in data collection, rather than paper, is environmentally friendly. In addition to providing this cost-effective application for data entry and collection, our company provides staff trained in the conduct of surveys.

  • 3 main services

    1. Reseach
    2. Marketing
    3. Management consultancy

    3 main products

    1. Aplication oused in data collection

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