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  • Dev-Consult is a regional consulting firm established in Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya with a network of qualified professional consultants drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda provides Policy development and management training, research and consulting services to governments, quasi government institutions and the private sector all over the East African Region.

    Our team comprises of a mix of professional consultants with topical expertise in strategic leadership;policy development and analysis, financial analysis & planning; Financial and systems audits, curriculum development; conflict resolution; Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness; institutional communication both formal and social; project and program management planning and evaluation; research; and reporting of evidence-based development work.

    Our capacity enhancing model of working with government departments, quasi-government institutions, private, public and non-profit partners enables us keep costs low while delivering best-in-class results through integration of a series of tried and tested research tools and techniques.

    To facilitate enhancement of leadership and professional capacity to deliver on corporate goals by satisfactorily honoring commitments to clients, stakeholders, employees and communities through quality, efficient and timely professional courses, research and consultancy service delivery.

    Dev-Consult aspires to be the ideal knowledgeable and professional consulting firm in Eastern Africa providing solutions in professional skills development, research and evidence-based policy development, planning, and implementation.

    Dev-Consult management has geared its efforts towards the achievement of its mission and vision through two strategic objectives:

    i. Facilitate and enhance Collaboration and networks with donor agencies, public and private institutions and NGOs in the implementation of local, national and regional community based initiatives with a view to coming up with quality, efficient, and timely socio-economic strategies that engender the development of Africa along its shared values and objectives

    ii. Enhance the development of intellectual resources through consultancy, research and short term (one to four weeks) professional development skills training in the broad areas of strategic leadership;policy development and analysis, financial analysis & planning; Financial and systems audits, curriculum development; conflict resolution; Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness; development communication; project and program planning, implementation and evaluation; and research and reporting of evidence-based development work.

    Our company has specialized in Capacity Building training in the following broad areas;
    - Project Management Programmes
    - Adult, and youth education (curriculum development, methodology review)
    - Financial and risk Management Programmes
    - Development Studies and Environment Programmes
    - Executive and Leadership Development Programmes
    - Public Finance, Strategic Management and Policy Analysis
    - Health Management Programmes

    Under Project Management & Design, we offer the following consultancy services:
    1. Introduction to Project Planning and Management.
    2. Project Planning and Control
    3. Project Appraisal, Selection and Analysis.
    4. Project Stakeholder Responsibility Analysis and Communication
    5. Project Implementation, Operations and Management.
    6. Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
    7. Project Documentation, Reporting and Review
    8. Project Proposal writing
    9. Project Cost and Financial Management

    In addition to the above consultancy services,we also provide the following specialized packages for our clients:
    Business management consulting: Strategic Planning; Business process Improvement/re-engineering; Strategic Management; Business analysis and forecasting; Organizational development.
    Gender and Community Development: Gender Studies, Baselines, Community based surveys, school related Gender based violence, Sexual Related Gender Based Violence, Youth in development, Child Development etc.

    Poverty eradication and livelihood development: IGA development and group dynamics, entrepreneurship skills development, project identification, development and management, value chain management, gender issues, cooperative management, group financial management, book keeping and reporting, Adult and youth learning facilitation, conflict resolution, stakeholder liaison & management, Monitoring and evaluation, and household planning.

    Communications Management and Public Relations: Communications strategy development; Public relation; Advertising and brand management and Communications planning.

    Marketing for Organizations: Marketing research; Marketing communication and promotion; Consumer behavior and customer care; Advertising management; Community and Public relations.

    Research Management: Project proposal writing; Field data collection and management; Feasibility studies; Report writing and presentations; Baseline surveys, Community and General Development Research.

  • 3 main services

    1. Management and Governance Consultants
    2. Risk management/Audit/strategy development Consultants
    3. Project management & design Consultants

    3 main products

    1. Risk assessment
    2. Management and governance reviews
    3. Project management/evaluations/reviews

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